6 Best Scheduling Software for Small Business

Scheduling software is a tool that is used for managing and maintaining an event planner, vacation planner, time logs, call logs, human resource management, etc. The scheduling software is essential for a small business to manage its activities and keep a track of what is going on in a business. 

It basically helps the business owner to organize his work. It makes the business owner’s job much easier. There are many tools available in the market to assist your business. In this article, we’ll share you the best scheduling software tools to manage your business.

Why Scheduling Software is Important for Business?

A business scheduling software is a must have for a small business owner, a startup entrepreneur, or a freelancer. Without a scheduling software, you will have to spend a lot of time managing your daily tasks and keeping a track of your team and employees.

A business scheduling software simplifies your life by automating your daily tasks and helps you to schedule your meetings and appointments. It can help you improve your business workflow, maximize your efficiency, and ensure that you are meeting the needs of your clients.

Online Scheduling Software

If you want to be a successful business owner, you need to be mindful of your time and schedule your time wisely. As a business owner, you will have to plan and manage your time to achieve your goals and objectives. 

You have to need a planner where you can record your appointments, your meetings, your calls, your to-do lists, your notes, and your deadlines. You need to find the best scheduling software for small business to help you organize your time. These software’s help you manage your time efficiently and help you plan your work schedule in advance.

The Benefits of Using Scheduling Software

Scheduling software for small business is one of the best business investments you could make. No matter what type of business you are running, scheduling software can help you get organized. The benefits of using scheduling software are endless. 

Scheduling software can bring efficiency and consistency to your business. It will help you streamline how your company operates. We all know how much time scheduling software can save us in business. It’s one of the best ways to automate the way your business operates, making sure that everything is running smoothly and on time.

Companies often use scheduling software to plan their workdays around their employees’ availability. It helps them to determine how many people are needed for a particular shift. With the right scheduling software, they can schedule shifts in advance and know with certainty which employees are available on any given date.

How to Select Best Scheduling software?

If you want to run a small business and want to go online, you need to consider creating a schedule. It is a kind of marketing strategy that is used to attract customers. If you are looking for the best scheduling software for your business, consider the following factors.

A lot of scheduling software solutions are available on the market today for various levels of budgets, so it binds you to find one that suits your needs. These solutions are user-friendly and easy to use, which is why they are perfect for any level of experience in using this type of tool.

There is a sea of scheduling software out there for small business owners. But when it comes to choosing a scheduling software, you can’t just go with the cheapest option. In fact, when you’re working with scheduling software, you want to choose something that works for your business and your employees. In order to make the best choice for your business, you need to consider several factors, including:

  • The type of business you run
  • The number of employees you have
  • The type of schedule you use, like the daily schedule or the weekly schedule
  • The features you want or need in your scheduling software

Best Free Appointment Scheduling Apps for Small Business

When starting a small business, you may feel it’s a very easy and convenient thing. However, it’s more than you’ve imagined. In addition, you also need to manage your business.

To facilitate the management, you need to hire employees, arrange your employees’ working time, arrange your employees’ working place. To do so, you need to use the scheduling software. When you work in an organization, you need scheduling software that can help you easily coordinate with your team members.

The best scheduling software for small business is the one that will help them to achieve their business goals. There are so many scheduling software available in the market which offer a variety of features. So a small business owner can get confused which software to use for their business. These software are very user friendly and they offer a wide range of features.

Calendly – Best Free Meeting Scheduler for Small Business Owners

There are a lot of scheduling software available on the market, but not all of them are free. So, if you’re on a tight budget and need to find a resource that will help you organize your appointments with clients and prospects, there’s an easy way to do that.

Calendly is a free scheduling software that allows you to easily organize your time and adjust your appointments at the click of a button. It is a cloud-based scheduling software for small business and freelancers.

Calendly Pricing plan

With Calendly, you can:

  • Schedule meetings, phone calls and video calls with no hassle 
  • Easily share your availability and let your clients book time with you 
  • Automatically send meeting reminders and confirmations 
  • Set your availability as private, hidden or open 
  • Share your availability with clients and prospects 
  • Track who books time with you and who doesn’t 
  • Keep your calendar completely free for private time 
  • Access your schedule from anywhere 
  • Manage your schedule from any device 
  • Switch between your preferred time zone 
  • Sync with Google Calendar 
  • Add unlimited team members 
  • Integrate with Zapier and IFTTT 
  • And much more…

Calendly is one of the best scheduling tools I came across. This tool is free to use and the best part is that it provides users the option to choose the time of their availability. Calendly is great for small businesses where everyone has to be on hand for all appointments. This tool is ideal for freelancers, small businesses, and other organizations.

Setmore – Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Setmore is a free, easy-to-use appointment scheduling software that makes it easy for you to manage your business without worrying about time and effort.

Setmore is an appointment scheduling software that helps small businesses manage their time by making it easier for them to schedule appointments, send reminders, keep track of customers, automate your appointment scheduling, and much more.

For example, if someone has an upcoming visit in the morning, they can schedule the morning slot in advance with Setmore. It also makes it easier for customers because they can book appointments in advance on the website or app instead of having to call in and talk with someone on the phone.

Setmore Pricing plan

Setmore is ideal for small businesses because it’s easy to use, affordable with a simple, modern, and intuitive design. It’s available for small business and provides five different scheduling tools:

  • Book appointments
  • Reserve space
  • Manage tasks
  • Create events and stay on top of your calendar
  • Track time and tasks

Besides the scheduling tools, Setmore also offers its customers some other features such as: data backups, email integration with Gmail or Office 365, staff access permissions as well as an admin dashboard to manage everything from one place.

Zoho Bookings – Best Scheduling App for Small Business Owners

Zoho Bookings is an online scheduler and appointment booking software for businesses, big and small. It is a robust and feature-rich online tool that lets you manage appointments and online payments, and allows you to showcase your business and promote it across the web.

Zoho Pricing Plan

With Zoho Bookings, you can create an online calendar for your business and display it on your website, social media, and other digital platforms. You can create and customize your online booking form to make it look professional and appealing to your clients.

We all know that the best time to schedule an appointment with a client is when they are most likely to be available. And with Zoho Bookings, you can do that easily. With the Zoho Bookings Appointment Scheduling, you can schedule appointments with your clients according to their availability. You can schedule appointments with your clients directly from your Zoho CRM.

ScheduleOnce – The Best Calendar Scheduling App

ScheduleOnce is a free & simple meeting scheduling software for small businesses. ScheduleOnce is the only online scheduling software specifically designed for small businesses to create, share, and manage meetings and appointments with customers, clients, and employees.

ScheduleOnce Pricing Plan

ScheduleOnce is the perfect solution for businesses that need to schedule meetings with customers, clients, and employees; for example, plumbers, electricians, massage therapists, doctors, dentists, therapists, veterinarians, etc.

For those who want to do online meetings, conferences, and other things, scheduling as a business might be a way to run your business as well as earn some money. Therefore you need to consider the best scheduling software for your business. This software is developed to make online meetings effective and easier to manage.

HubSpot Meetings – Best Appointment Scheduler app

The HubSpot Meetings app is a free, online meeting app for small business owners who want to spend more time focusing on what they are good at – their business.

The days of scheduling appointments with messy email chains are over. The HubSpot Meetings app ensures that you will never have to set up an appointment again. You just have to enter the person’s name and email address, then choose the day and time that works best for both parties. This way, you won’t have to waste your time trying to find an open slot in their schedule or hounding them for a reply.

HubSpot Pricing Plan

HubSpot Meetings offers scheduling software, office management software, office productivity tools, time tracking software and CRM software. The app is incredibly easy-to-use, and it keeps you organized, so you always know when your next meeting is or if someone has canceled at your last minute. 

It has a very simple interface which makes it easy for people who are not familiar with such software. It also has lots of features like email integration, calendar integration, attachment uploads and others, which make the app versatile.

10to8 – Leading Online Appointment Scheduling Software

10to8 is an online appointment scheduling software that is perfect for small businesses that are looking to book more appointments online. You can easily create an online booking page in minutes, with no technical knowledge.

10to8 is a proven scheduling software trusted by over 500 companies. It automates the booking process by allowing customers to book appointments online with ease while providing your company with an online booking calendar.

10to8 Pricing Plan

This online appointment scheduling software lets you customize your booking page to match your company’s branding while giving you complete control over your booking calendar. It also offers you complete control over your booking calendar, with no fees or hidden costs.

10to8 is a leading online appointment scheduling software, best for small business. The software offers several features that enable it to be used for a variety of businesses and industries, from personal trainers to plumbers.

Which Scheduling Software is Best for you?

With so many scheduling software out there, it’s difficult to find the right one for your business. Scheduling software can help you manage your employees and give you a better overview of their workload. In this blog, we will help you choose the best scheduling software for your business.

When it comes to running a small business, there is a lot to think about. One aspect that many owners overlook is the importance of scheduling software. Scheduling software can be a really great tool, but also a very overwhelming one if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. In this article, we’re going to talk a little about how scheduling software can be used in a small business and then break down some of the best scheduling software on the market today.

Scheduling SoftwarePricing PlanBest For
Calendly$8 to $12/monthPerfect for all types of Business
(Freelancers, Small business to enterprise)
Setmore$5 to $9/monthPerfect for Small to Mid-level Business
Zoho Bookings$8 to $12/monthBest for Freelancers and Small business
ScheduleOnce$10/monthBest for Small business owners
HubSpot MeetingFreePerfect for Startup and Freelancers
10to8$12 to $50/monthBest for all types of Business
(Freelancers, Small business to enterprise)
Best Scheduling Software Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

What is scheduling software and why is it important for small businesses?

Scheduling software helps businesses manage appointments, meetings, and other time-sensitive tasks. It’s especially important for small businesses because it streamlines operations, reduces errors, and increases efficiency. With automated scheduling, businesses save time and reduce the risk of double bookings or missed appointments.

How can a small business owner select the best scheduling software?

To choose scheduling software for a small business, consider factors such as business size, number of employees needing access, and required features. Research options, read reviews, and demo the software. Also, think about cost and integration with existing tools and systems.

What are the best free appointment scheduling apps for small businesses?

Top free appointment scheduling apps for small businesses are Calendly, Setmore, Zoho Bookings, and ScheduleOnce. They provide basic scheduling features such as online booking and calendar management, and are especially suitable for startups. Other important factors to consider when choosing an app are ease of use, customer support, and integration with other tools and systems.


With so many options out there, it can be pretty difficult to choose the right one. We have tried to narrow down your search for the best scheduling software for your business by giving you a breakdown of the top five based on their features, cost, and overall functionality. I hope this helps you find the right match for your business!

No matter the size of your business, you will have to organize your time, your employees’ time, and your clients’ time. There are many ways to do this. The most popular are online scheduling software or paper-based scheduling. As you can see, there are upsides and downsides to each of these approaches. Let’s examine them.

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